Still Making Progress

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

It was another really cool, almost cold at times, day. It was windy so that made it feel much cooler. The high was 73 with beautiful sunshine. The leaves are definitely changing now. It’s not that pretty all over color yet but still spotty reds and yellows. Seems really strange for August 28. We had to wear jackets for our morning walk.

Betty and Tom let devotion today and Betty shared a reading called “Windows For The Soul”. She read a story about a mission project where everything seemed to be going wrong. The team prayed about it but they didn’t have materials, or tools or people they needed to complete their tasks. On top of that it rained and their client’s house still didn’t have windows installed. “For your ways are not my ways.” “Trust”. While waiting on materials the team played with the children and developed relationships. In the end the work did get completed but it was the relationships that lived on after the mission project was over. It’s all about relationships, not the floors and windows. Thanks, Betty, for a message so appropriate for NOMADS and other mission volunteers.

After discussion about where were are on each project, we all returned to the same work site again today. The crew at Rhonda’s is getting really close to completion. Today they did an awesome job re-framing the upstairs windows, worked on texturing walls, painting, texturing a ceiling, and started on baseboards. Out at Lianna’s all the drywall is installed, the window has been trimmed out and the finishing for the drywall has begun. A lot of progress was made there today too. It was another wonderful day.

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