Another Three House Day

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Today was a beautiful sunny day. We had a cool start, 54 degrees, but it warmed up to 76 this afternoon. What great weather for working!

This morning our new NOMAD Harry had devotion. He used a devotion book titled Daily Word and our word for today was Faith with scripture from Hebrews and James. He ended with the thought provoking question: “Do you really believe or just believe that you believe?” Thanks so much for sharing, Harry.

After devotion, Anne and Jenny went to Teresa’s to texture the walls. That job took a couple hours and hopefully Teresa will be happy with the walls when she comes home tonight. That completes what we can do at Teresa’s until she gets her painting done. Then we will plan to return to install the trim. After cleaning up Anne and Jenny headed to Elroy, back to Rhonda’s. After devotion, Harry took Max to Rhonda’s along with Tom, Norm, Stel and Jodi. They worked on completing the doors and jams, baseboards along with installing the lock sets and a lot of cleanup. Later in the day Stel and Jodi went back to Nate’s and later were joined by Harry and even later Max. After Anne and Jenny arrived at Rhonda’s they did a lot of touch up of paint and stain, along with some cleaning, installing switch plates. The closet rod and shelf were also installed. At the end of the day the two bedrooms and bathroom were ready on schedule. Rhonda and Denise are planning to move in this weekend. The remainder of the house will be worked on over time. We may be back there at some point. Back at Nate’s there was continued work on the floor joists and subfloor as well as capping off additional plumbing that won’t be used any more. A lot was accomplish this week. It was a good week and we thank God for another week of being the hands and feet of Jesus.

Tonight Roxy and the church ladies prepared us another great meal. BBQ chicken with Roxy’s homemade sauce, potato salad, grape salad and brownies for dessert. Wonderful!

Week 2 Team Picture
Week 2 Team Picture

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