Two In, Two Out

Friday, August 16, 2019

It rained a lot during the night last night and on into this morning. By mid-morning the rain was over and it was a beautiful afternoon and evening.

One of the team members made an agreement with the pastor at Winding Rivers to work on an addition to the what will one day be the new church. It is currently the dorm space for volunteers. They are adding some bathrooms that will first be used by the volunteers and then by the church. It will also include a kitchen. This was all started prior to our arrival and is totally outside of NOMADS. Norm works on this project after hours. This morning Max and a few other team members and church members also did some work on the addition, while Anne did some work inside FRED.

We then drove around New Lisbon a bit and ran some errands. There is just not much in New Lisbon. We headed back to the church in time to say goodbye to our departing NOMADS, Tom and Jenny. We really enjoyed getting to know them and will see them in Michigan in a few weeks. Just a little while later, our new couple, Gary and Nancy arrived from Georgia. It’s great to see them again. Tomorrow since we don’t have anyone else coming in we will see what tourist things we can do. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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