A Three House Day

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Another cloudy and cool day in New Lisbon. Really nice for work. Today’s devotion was presented by Jodi who read several scriptures referring to laughter. Then she read us several quips, one-liners or as she called them ditties. We all had some good laughs, sometimes at our own expense. Thanks, Jodi.

Harry working on moving a wall at Nate's
Harry working on moving a wall at Nate’s

Today Max and Harry returned to Teresa’s, the house we worked on last week, and did the final sanding on the drywall.  She has decided she would like us to go ahead and do the texturing so we will try to get that done tomorrow.  Afterwards, they joined Stel and Jodi at Nate’s house and worked on the subfloor and walls. His house is now ready for the new subflooring and the plumber was there today to look around and prepare an estimate. The materials should arrive tomorrow, but who knows about the plumber.

Norm and Tom trimming out a door at Rhonda's
Norm and Tom trimming out a door at Rhonda’s

Anne, Norm, Tom and Jenny went to Rhonda’s where they got the back bedroom baseboard completed and door hung and trimmed. The bathroom ceiling and walls are painted, the door hung, the baseboards installed and interior door trim installed. The front bedroom baseboards are almost complete and the door installation is underway. It’s beginning to look like a home. We will be pushed to get all the little remaining things done in those three rooms tomorrow but hopefully we will make it. We are all tired tonight but tomorrow is NOMADS Friday.

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