More Progress

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

It was another cloudy and cool day compared to Alabama. Our high in New Lisbon today was 78 and it’s currently 74. Don’t know what the high was today in Remlap but it is still 90 at 8:00pm. Yes, we are enjoying the end of summer in Wisconsin.

Today Jenny and Tom shared our devotion and again Tom lead our music. Tom shared a God Winks story titled the State Farm man and reminded us of Matthew 7:12, So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you. We don’t believe in what so many call coincidence, we see God in action. God Winks. Thanks so much, Jenny and Tom.

We all went back to our same house after devotion and it was a busy day at both houses. So busy that there are very few pictures today. We will try to do better tomorrow. At Rhonda’s house, Tom and Norm worked on trim and doors. They got the bifold door hung in the back bedroom and it looks very nice. There is a little trim work left to be done. In the same room almost all the baseboard is installed and both windows are trimmed out. That room is close to complete. Jenny spent her day staining trim and then putting polyurethane over the stain. She also completed the doors. The trim and doors look really nice. Anne completed the texturing of the bathroom ceiling and walls and began the painting. At Nate’s house, work continued on disconnecting some plumbing and striping the remainder of the paneling from the walls and removing the rotten subfloor. In one of the walls they found a huge wasp or yellow jacket nest that fortunately was inactive. They did some dirty work today.

We had hard rain again this afternoon as we were returning home and then after time for showers, we were fed another wonderful meal by ladies of the church. We had cowboy casserole that was so very good. We plan to have the leftovers tomorrow night. Think it will probably be an early bedtime tonight. We are tired.

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