Start of Week Two

Monday, August 12, 2019

Today it was very cloudy all day but we never got any rain. Tomorrow is going to be much like today so hopefully we won’t get rain again. After that the rest of the week is predicted to be really nice, highs 75-80 and lows 55-62. We are really thankful we are not having to endure the 110 heat index predicted for home tomorrow.

As is our custom, we did devotion today, the first day of our lead with this team. We used a portion of the Seedbed devotion for yesterday based on Psalm 46. Tom volunteered to lead music playing his guitar. Such a blessing to have someone to provide music for us. Thanks, Tom! Pastor Deb wanted to sign him up for Sunday’s service but unfortunately for us he and Jenny will be leaving us Friday.

Great having a guitar accompanying our music at morning devotion
Great having a guitar accompanying our music at morning devotion

After devotion, Max went with Stel, Jodi and Harry out to Nate’s house. At Nate’s the plan is to remove a wall between a bath and laundry room, remove the shower, replace it with a tub shower combo at a different location in the new room, remove a toilet and repair the rotten sub-floor. Today was demo day and a large part of that was done by the end of the day. They still haven’t removed all the rotten subfloor so that process will continue tomorrow.

Anne went with Norm, Jenny and Tom back to Rhonda’s house.  Remember we are trying to get three rooms complete so the two sisters can move into the house and continue the remodel while living there. They need to move out of the niece’s home. Today Anne worked on sanding and texturing the bath. It will get the remaining texture tomorrow. Tom installed the toilet and some window trim and base board. Jenny stained and finished the base boards, window trim and doors, while Norm built door jams and routed the hinge placements. A busy day for all and everyone is tired tonight. Tomorrow will be another day much like today.

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