Busy Sunday

Sunday, August 11, 2019

We had a quiet night last night. A good deal of rain but it was gentle with no wind or thunder. The parking lot was really muddy this morning but otherwise all is well. Today was cloudy all day. Temperatures stayed in the 70’s due to the cloud cover. We keep up with the Alabama weather and we feel for those having to work out in the horrible heat. With the predicted heat index of 103-108 tomorrow, y’all be careful.

Prayer CandlesWe had a wonderful worship service here at Winding Rivers today. There was a baptism and communion – two our our most sacred rituals. This church also does their prayer time a little differently than what we usually see. People can go up front and light a candle from the Christ candle and state the name of the person or situation they are lifting in prayer. The sermon was titled “I believe in Jesus but I don’t want to go overboard.” Pastor Deb used a clip from the movie “War Room” as part of her illustration. BTW if you haven’t seen the movie it is really good and very funny at times.

Tonight the church fed us a wonderful meal of pork roast, roasted potatoes, corn on the cob, deviled eggs and made from scratch lemon pudding. Oh so very good! We had time to visit and get to know Pastor Deb and her husband Larry. Both are passionate for showing God’s love for their community. After dinner we had our opening meeting as leaders of the team with all the usual introductions and paperwork. It was a good meeting with a good team. Looking forward to a productive week for our home owners.

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