Two Houses Again Today

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Last night’s storm pretty much died before it got here. We had some thunder and a little rain but basically nothing. Those clouds sure looked ominous. Today was a cool day with cool breezes. It almost seemed like an early fall day. The high today was 75, ten degrees cooler than yesterday. Nice! We didn’t see the deer on our morning walk today and the sand hill cranes were well off the road, but there are always Canada geese around.

Today’s devotion was given by Norm. He reminded us that when we turn away from God we forfeit the spiritual abundance that can be ours. It’s our choice. After devotion we all headed back to our houses. Harry went with Max and Anne back to Teresa’s house where we sanded the drywall and then did some more finishing where it was needed. We had done everything we could do at Teresa’s before lunch and then headed to Kendall, Wisconsin, to another job site. The other part of our team had been there earlier this week working on installing siding on a garage/lean-to. They were unable to complete that job because they ran out of siding. More siding was delivered this morning. The three of us were able to complete the job this afternoon. The garage looks nice. We really enjoyed the drive out through the countryside to the job site. Beautiful lush green fields, trees loaded with apples, beautiful flowers. The backyard at our house was beautiful, too. We had lunch sitting out under a tree in the shade. With the breeze it was almost chilly. Interesting, the bike trail we have been thinking of riding tomorrow is right next door. We could see the trail head from the back yard.

The rest of the team worked at Rhonda’s all day, painting, staining trim, installing windows and working in the bathroom. Tonight we had another excellent meal provided by Roxy and Winding Rivers UMC. It’s nice to get to have a quiet meal together rather than in a noisy restaurant. We have two couples leaving early in the morning, Jack and Barb, Calvin and Marsha. It’s been a great week and we wish them safe travels.

Team Picture Week 1
Team Picture Week 1

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