Two Houses Today

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

No storms again today, although they were predicted and came close to us. We are happy.

Again this morning we were able to walk before devotion. Today we saw a large doe and two sand hill cranes. It was so neat because the cranes were on one side of the road, facing the deer on the opposite side of the road. We didn’t know what they would do as we approached. The cranes took flight toward the deer and the deer ran to the crane side of the road and into the woods. Unfortunately, we did not get a good picture because we were walking directly into the sun. When we first saw them they were just silhouettes. We still see them in our memories.

Poor Picture of Sandhill Crane and Deer in Road
Poor Picture of Sandhill Crane and Deer in Road

Marsha and Calvin shared devotion with us today. They combined two devotions, one from Upper Room and the other from Max Lucado. Really good. They reminded us that our God of the Bible cannot be contained. In our quest to know and understand Him, we place constraints on Him. Isn’t it great to know that God is never surprised and never wonders “How did that happen?” He is big enough. Thanks, Marsha and Calvin.

After devotion, Harry and Anne and Max went back to work at Teresa’s home. Today we hand sanded the drywall joints and completed the second coat. We primed the door casing and installed the closet doors.

We completed those items shortly after lunch and went to join the rest of our team at Rhonda’s home which they started this morning. There is lots to do a Rhonda’s. There Max worked on installing new windows and Anne worked on staining and putting polyurethane on some beautiful door and window trim. This house is old, with some plaster and beautiful yellow pine paneling. Rhonda’s house is in the process of being bought out because of the amount of flood damage and the house we are working on is her replacement. We need to get two bedrooms, and bathroom usable so they can move in and they will complete the work as they live there. They are currently with some family but it is time to move. The family is doing a lot of the work themselves but they just need a little help. We will probably be working at Rhonda’s with our team next week. It was a good day.

BTW – you can forget the first line of this blog. Max is now outside taking pictures of a big storm going by us.

Wednesday evening storm
Wednesday evening storm

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