Riding the Elroy-Sparta Trail

Friday, August 9, 2019

Cool morningIt was a beautiful cool morning. It as 53 degrees this morning. Anne actually had the fireplace on for a few minutes. Calvin and Marsha pulled out early this morning. Max heard their slides going in early – around 5:00 am. We were not up yet. We were up to say goodbye to Barb and Jack around 7:30. We will see them again in September. Safe travels everyone and safe travels to all the NOMADS traveling this weekend. Please keep them in your prayers.

Two empty sites this morning
Two empty sites this morning

We had a relaxing morning and then left to go ride one of the many bike trails in Wisconsin. We have been surprised at the many miles of trails available. Some of the trails are state supported and there is a permit required to ride the tails. Daily use is $5.00 and annual fee is $25.00. We considered the Omaha Trail but found online that the part we were looking at riding is actually still closed from the flooding last year. We elected to ride the Elroy-Sparta Trail with plans to begin in Wilton and ride toward Sparta a couple of miles and go thru tunnel #2, return to Wilton and ride toward Elroy 6 miles through tunnel #1 and return to Wilton. What we didn’t know is that the first 3.5 miles from Wilton north toward Elroy is also still closed from the flooding. It’s obvious they have been working on the trail section we rode and just as there are a lot of homes still in need of repairs, so it is with the trails. We road about 7 miles from Wilton past Norwalk, a quaint little village along the trail and back to Wilton, for a total of about 14 miles. It was a ride through some beautiful countryside – lush green fields, dairy barns, farm equipment. In Norwalk, right on the trail is a little Mexican diner with really good soft serve ice cream. We toured around the village for a while because they were setting up for a big truck and tractor pull festival starting tonight. It appears to be a big deal for this little town. On the way back to Wilton, Max had a flat tire. God blessed with a really helpful local couple stopping to help us. Their son worked his way thru college working in a bike shop so they could change a tube in short order. We didn’t get to visit with them for very long because they changed the tube for us so quickly. It was a great ride and a very nice day.

On the drive we saw some of the many rock outcroppings this area is known forOn the drive we saw some of the many rock outcroppings this area is known for.

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