Start of Week Four

Monday, August 26, 2019

It was raining when we woke up this morning and it was a gray, damp day all day. We never really got much rain, but we never saw even a glimpse of the sun, so the temperature never warmed up. The high today was 68 degrees.

We walked this morning before team meeting in just a few sprinkles. We led devotion today and used 1 Corinthians 14:26 encouraging everyone to bring their gifts and talents to share with the rest of the team so that together we will accomplish and be what God desires. After devotion Max headed immediately out to Elroy to Nate’s house to meet the plumber. They began this morning and think they will complete the job tomorrow. The electrician was there over the weekend, so his house may be ready for NOMADS again sooner than expected. We will have to find out in the morning the agency’s priorities. Anne stayed with the team to get everyone one the way to job sites. Today Nancy and Gary, and Rick and Sue went to Rhonda’s. Max was also there in between being at Nate’s with the plumber. Gary and Rick completed the re-installation of the exterior siding today. Looks good! Then they started on trim. Nancy and Sue completed staining the trim, primed the exterior side door and the glass block window and the began helping Denise fill the grooves in the living room paneling in preparation for painting. We are really making progress on Rhonda’s house.

Anne, Stel, Jodi, Tom and Betty went to the new job site, Lianna’s house. It was a slow start, first unloading all the materials and then determining exactly what needed to be done and developing a plan. Today they built and partially rebuilt a basement wall and installed the insulation on two walls. They also did the layout for installing a sink in the kitchen cabinet. Things are going well at Lianna’s. It was a very productive day.

After getting back home, most of the team enjoyed last night’s leftovers for supper tonight. Thanks, Roxy, for feeding us so well. We have a great group for our last two weeks. Hopefully we can get some projects completed before we have to close down until next year.

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