We’ve Moved to Hollywood!

Wednesday June 12, 2019

We have had showers and thunderstorms the past three days but no severe weather in our area. With the intermittent rain we have also had a little cooler temperatures. Nice!

Monday was busy with dental appointments for both of us and then errands and business meetings. We also continued to work on downsizing our stuff at the house. The first time you work on purging your closet it’s easy. The second time through it’s a little harder. Anne says she still has too much to fit in Fred and it’s getting hard. It does feel good to walk in to the closet and see all the empty space. Making progress.

Tuesday we had family meetings for both the LOLs at the Rehab center. Nothing really new going on there. The staff has taken care of some of our concerns and they are providing good care for our dear aunts. We also took care of more errands in Oneonta, shopped for the ladies, took donations to Hope House and stopped by the curb market for fresh veggies and water melon. Love our Alabama veggies.

Welcome to HollywoodAfter one more dental appointment today, we decided to go to Hollywood. Hollywood, Alabama that is. It was an uneventful 2.5 hour drive and we arrived and hooked up Fred just before the afternoon thunderstorms arrived. We will begin working Friday or Saturday preparing for the start of a new church building in Dutton, Alabama a small community a few miles from the small community of Hollywood. Dutton does not have RV parks. Hopefully tomorrow will be a day of relaxing.

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