Another Busy Week In Tuscaloosa

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Afternoon thunderstormThis week everyone is happy that most areas have had rain. The temperatures have been more moderate too – highs in the 80’s rather than 90’s. There has been some flash flooding but nothing that bad in Tuscaloosa. We brought Fred back to Blount County late yesterday and we have had more rain in our area again today.

Scanner at work
Scanner at work

Last Sunday we took our scanner back to Tuscaloosa after church and started scanning family pictures. We spent about 2 ½ days scanning pictures. We also continued to work in the house, emptying it of over 50 years of our family’s life. It was hard at times and fun at times. Many of our readers have been through this same process. It’s just been very tiring. However, we finally feel we have really made some progress in giving Anne’s mother’s most precious items homes with various family members. We have decided to forego an estate sale. Based on further research and scheduling problems and placement of more items with family members, we decided we would rather just donate to various charities. We will make more calls over the next week or two to schedule pick up of various large pieces of furniture. Hopefully there are no more hiccups.

Another stack started for a donation run
Another stack started for a donation run

Weather Radio programming eventWe came home for the day on Wednesday to check on the LOLs. Anne talked to the NP Monday morning and expressed her concerns about Helen’s cough and Jean’s hand. While we were in Oneonta, we went to Walmart for the Weather Radio event sponsored by Channel 6 and EMA, assisted by the Oneonta Fire Department and Blount County 9-1-1. It gave Max an opportunity to visit with old friends from the National Weather Service, media, and a number of other friends from his work days in Blount County.

Today we went back to Lester Memorial for early worship and Sunday School. We celebrated Pentecost, the gift of the Holy Spirit, today. It was another wonderful worship service with a large crowd. We have two mission teams out today – one in the Philippians, and another in Honduras. Pastor Harvey read an email from the Honduras team reporting two professions of faith were made at services last night and we Skyped with the Philippians team at the beginning of worship. It was great to see and hear them all. Great work happening in both locations. Our 42 member Appalachian Service Project team leaves next Sunday for their week of working on homes. Love the work everyone is doing.

We saw the LOLs again after church today and are happy to report both ladies are improved. Helen’s cough seems to have resolved and Jean’s hand is slowly improving. We will have a little time at home this week before leaving for our project next week so we decided to spend the afternoon going through some kitchen cabinets. We have decided to downsize and dispose of things we don’t need or not using. We don’t want anyone to have to go through what we have been going through to dispose of our stuff in a few years. Should be another exciting and hopefully not too painful journey. Hope you all have a good week.

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