From Hollywood to Dutton

Friday, June 14, 2019

Two more beautiful days. Cooler temperatures. It was 57 degrees this morning and remained cool all day. Nice.

Yesterday was a relaxing day. We decided to drive up Sand Mountain to locate our job site for next week. When we arrived another Constructors for Christ couple were on site delivering one of the equipment trailers. It was great to see Gary and Debra again. We visited a while and then went to look at the kitchen where we will be eating three meals a day next week.

After looking around a while we drove over to Huntsville to visit the new Duluth Trading store that opened in Madison last week. Nice store and we had fun just browsing. They had some interesting items that might be in our future.

Our new home at New Home Church Camp
Our new home at New Home Church Camp

Today we moved Fred from Hollywood to New Home Church Camp on top of Sand Mountain. This is a beautiful camp in a really nice setting. Quiet and peaceful place. We will enjoy being here. Randy and Debra arrived mid afternoon and of course we were excited to see them. Soon two other Constructors friends arrived, and then two more. Max and Randy spent the afternoon putting a new 12” compound miter saw and stand together. Anne and Debra went to the kitchen to assist in unloading the kitchen trailer. We got the trailer unloaded but it will take all morning tomorrow to get things organized and put away. We are now just relaxing, watching a baseball game, and enjoying our time with Randy and Debra. Two good days. Hope you all have a good weekend.

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