Busy Weekend

Sunday, June 2, 2019

We have had nothing but hot, dry days since arriving in Tuscaloosa. It is definitely summer in Alabama. It came a little early this year but it appears it is here to stay. We actually have some areas of the state that are already having drought problems. It may be a long, hot, dry summer.

warehouse stuffFriday we spent with Anne’s brothers at her Dad’s office and warehouse and started the process of emptying many years of accumulated “stuff”. There are all sorts of tools (working and nonworking, old and not quite so old) and construction materials in the warehouse. We each found a few items we thought we could use or just wanted for the memory. We then did a sort of inventory of what’s there and agreed to call the trades program for the schools – carpentry, plumbing, electrical, etc. – and offered to give them what they could use for their programs. Hopefully they will be able to use some of the tools and lots of the materials and supplies.

After lunch we decided to escape the heat and return to Anne’s Mom’s house to work on items there. Again progress was made. All day Saturday was spent working at the house. There were times of laughter and of tears. We did finally decided on a realtor and all three of us signed the listing contract on the house. Now, to just get all the stuff out.

Early drive to church

Ascension SundayToday, Max and Anne went back to Blount County to go to church and check on the Aunts. We saw a really nice sunrise this morning. Our worship service was again a great service of music and teaching as we remembered the ascension of Jesus. Great day at Lester Memorial.

Pastor Harvey used a helium balloon to demonstrate ascension to the children.
Pastor Harvey used a helium balloon to demonstrate ascension to the children.

Unfortunately, Helen seems to have developed a summer cold and Jean’s bad hand is looking really bad again. We will be talking to the nurse practitioner in the morning and keeping a closer check on the ladies for a few days. We then had lunch and checked on the houses on the mountain. We returned to Tuscaloosa to meet with an antiques dealer late this afternoon. We still haven’t got our walking in today, but that is next on the agenda. Another long day. Hope everyone has had a great weekend.

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