Finished in Red Bay

Thursday, May 30, 2019

We finished our service visit to the Tiffin Service Center yesterday afternoon a little too late to drive to Tuscaloosa.  After a visit to check-out (where we were surprised to find out that, once again, we owed nothing for the work) we got Fred mostly ready to roll and then walked around the campground talking to the people we had met during this visit. It’s always fun to meet new people and talk about NOMADS, RVing and Alabama.

Not bad for a service on a two year old motorhome
Not bad for a service on a two year old motorhome

This morning, after a before-the-heat walk, we made the short trip to Tuscaloosa where we will be for the next few days working on estate and real estate business with Anne’s brothers.  And, yes, we have already been to Cook Out for a shake.

Tonight's sunset
Tonight’s sunset

One thought on “Finished in Red Bay”

  1. When next in Cook Out, have a shake for us. Although, there’s a place called Dash Inn here in Buffalo WY that has good shakes and burgers, so we are content with it until we git back down yonder!


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