More Things Completed

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Weather-wise today was the same as yesterday. Really nice day. We didn’t even see a gray cloud. The rest of the week is predicted to be a real wash out so maybe the predictions will be wrong.

Virginia had our devotion today and used Philippians 4:13 as the basis and then read us “The Quilt”. Virginia is a quilter so this reading was special to here. We all agreed it’s special. If you haven’t read it you should.


After devotion we all headed back to our regular assignments, Max, Anne, Joe and Charley to Norwich and Gary, Sharon, Bob and Virginia to Groom Drive. Progress was made in all locations. Charley and Joe were excited to finish the laminate flooring in the master bedroom. It looks very good. We also completed the door installation of all the swinging doors. We are waiting for the materials needed to hand the bi-folds. We also started on the floor transition strips. Since we were planning the Bible presentation tonight we also tried to clean and straighten up a bit. Over at Groom they installed the counter tops and finished the flooring in the large closet. Both houses are looking good.

This afternoon Gary did an interview with a reporter for Channel 2, Baton Rouge. One of the church members called them to tell them about the good work the NOMADS have been doing. We will see if it is on the 10:00 news tonight. Hope so. After the interview we went over to Norwich to meet our home owner and make our Bible presentation. We had a nice visit and the rest of the team got to see the house as well. It was another great day.Presenting Bible at Norwich Dr

One thought on “More Things Completed”

  1. We’re so glad to see the Norwich house finally completed! We know it looks wonderful. If you have some photos of the final look please post them. We’d love to see them. Congratulations!

    Dave and Rita



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