Baseboards, Transitions and Crawfish

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

This morning we had some sun but mostly gray skies. This afternoon and evening we have had some rain and areas just north of us, Baker and Zachary, have been under a tornado warning. One of the houses we are working on is in Baker. We have not heard of any damage and are praying everyone is safe.

This morning’s devotion was brought by Joe and he did a great job making us think about what it really looks like to be faithful. Thanks, Joe.

We then all headed back to the homes we have been working in all week. To start the day Max and Joe continued to work on transition strips. This has been a difficult process due to needing to drill into the concrete slab. We have been through several masonry bits. Max had to trim the laminate to fit the transitions because we didn’t know what type of transitions we would be using when we put down the laminate. By the end of the day all the transition strip brackets had been installed. Anne and Charlie began and finished the day installing base board. They also did some caulking today.


The folks at Groom almost completed the kitchen cabinets. They have just a little trim to install above the wall cabinets. There is just a little more flooring to install and then some baseboard. Wish we could have finished them both but that was not to be.

Crawfish dinnerTonight the Louisiana Conference treated the team to a crawfish boil. We also had the corn and potatoes to go with that and the team provided salads, dessert and bake beans. We had a feast! Best of all we had time to visit with Laraine, Darryl, Charles, and the case managers. Thanks, Laraine for arranging everything. It has been such a pleasure to get to know everyone and work with them. We hope God will bring us together again – but not due to another disaster.

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