Start of the Last Week in Baton Rouge

Monday, May6, 2019

Today was another bright sunny, blue sky day. Only three more to go.

We met with Darrel before team meeting to discuss priorities on both houses. For the Norwich house he wants us to just continue and complete items in the same order we would normally do them. We are not going to do the plumbing or the installation of the appliances. Therefore when we got to Norwich Drive, Charley and Joe got started on the laminate flooring in the master bedroom and Anne worked on getting the master bath ready for texture. Hoping the texture people will be back tomorrow. Max returned to working on the door installation. By the end of the day only two rows of flooring remain to be installed. Charley and Joe have done a great job. Hopefully the bathroom is ready for texture and most of the doors are in place. Just a couple left along with some bi-fold doors.


Refrigerator finally coming in the house
Refrigerator finally coming in the house

At about 3:30 today the Lowe’s truck arrived at Norwich with the homeowner’s refrigerator. She has been trying to get a refrigerator installed for two weeks now. The first one she bought would not go through any door in the house. Today they brought another refrigerator that we hoped would make the clearance. It did not. Therefore, just as we had to do with the roll-in shower, we had to remove the back door, and door frame in order go get the refrigerator in the house. We reinstalled the door to the point we could secure the house for the night and we will complete the re-installation tomorrow. Hopefully, there will be no more door removals this week. After everything was secure, we hurried home to get ready for dinner.  Francis Asbury congregation provided us with a wonderful time of food and fellowship tonight with a fried chicken dinner with all the fixen’s.  We had to say our good byes tonight as we will not see these precious friends again before we leave.

We are making progress. We will accomplish what God wills this week.

Baton Rouge Team May 06 2019
Baton Rouge Team May 06 2019

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