Last Weekend in Baton Rouge

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Another rainy Saturday morningAs expected, Saturday was a rainy day. The rain began about 5:00 am and continued until early afternoon. There were times of very heavy rain and there were tornado warnings for parishes to our south and east but things never got bad here at Francis Asbury. We were glad we decided to do our shopping and errands on Friday. By mid-afternoon the sun was out and that’s when our new team members arrived, Joe and Charley. They are relatively new NOMADS and this was our first time to meet them. We look forward to working with them and getting to know them better.

Since we didn't want to go out in the rain Saturday we made a smoked sausage and cheese omelet
Since we didn’t want to go out in the rain Saturday we made a smoked sausage and cheese omelet

Today, of course we went to church here at Francis Asbury. During the announcement time pastor David surprised us all by announcing to the church that the Bishop had made the appointment for their pastor for next year and that it was Rev. Anne Armstrong. We all got a good laugh at that announcement and he was just thanking Anne for filling in for him last week. Today was communion Sunday and Pastor David brought a message about truly communing with our Lord through the service of communion.

After church the team decided to go to Rice and Roux for lunch. We have enjoyed all our visits there over the past two years working in Baton Rouge. They ownership and staff there always thank us for our service to their community and the owner gives a 20% discount to all the volunteers working the flooding disaster. They also routinely give the same discount to all the fire and police. Tonight we had our regular Sunday night meeting and we will meet again at 8:00 in the morning. It’s been a good weekend.

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