Flooring, Cabinets and Walls

Monday, April 29, 2019

Today was another great day. It’s starting to really warm up now and we have to be sure to stay well hydrated. Today’s high was 90.

Today Ruth Ann and Dave presented our devotion from one of Rick Warren’s writings. The Scripture was 1 Tim 6:7 and we talked about fear and what that does to us. Why are we afraid to let people get to know the real us? They encouraged us to take the first step in opening up to people and to trust God. Thanks, Ruth Ann and Dave.

After devotion, Anne, Max, Roger, Pat, Janice and Marvin headed back to Norwich. Gary, Sharon, Ruth Ann, Dave, Bob and Virginia went out to Groom Road. We understand that they got the kitchen sink installed which is one of the big three in getting people out of the FEMA trailers. They have to have a working bathroom, a working kitchen and one bedroom. They started installing the flooring in the bedroom and some painting done in the bathroom. At Norwich we continued to work on the flooring and since the tile guy finished in the master bath, we were able to begin the drywall finishing there. Pat worked hard on the sanding today. The rest of us worked on flooring and are making progress. The counter tops were installed over the weekend and look very nice. As our homeowner said, “It’s looking like a house again.” It was a good day.


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