Sunday, April 28, 2019

Anne bringing the message at church todayToday was another beautiful day. Of course, we went to church this morning at Francis Asbury. Pastor David was out today and the NOMADS were asked to speak. Anne was selected. She began by sharing a little history of NOMADS and the statistics for the number of hours NOMADS donated to our agencies last year, 120,056 hours – about 2.96 million dollars worth. Over the past 10 years NOMADS have performed over 25 million dollars worth of volunteer labor. She then talked to the congregation about the real meat of NOMADS, our members attempting to be the hands and feet of Christ in a world filled with needs and hurts. She shared some memories of various projects we have worked and ended reminding the congregation that we are all really NOMADS and we are all called to be in service to others, to love God and love others. She also used part of Gary’s devotion from last week to remind everyone that God has a purpose for them and if they look in the right place (and are willing) they will find it. The congregation seemed to appreciate the message.

The team went to Sammy’s for lunch, where the food is always good. They were crowded today and a little too noisy for good conversation but everyone still seemed to enjoy it. We had our usual 6:00 meeting and welcomed our new couple, Roger and Pat from Ohio. We look forward to working with them and getting to know them better. It was another really good day in Baton Rouge with some time to rest up before starting back to work tomorrow. We will be really pushing the next two weeks to get the two homes as close to complete as possible before we leave. Hope you all had a great weekend too.

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