More of Yesterday

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Pat, retired UMC pastor, brought our devotion today by reading the Easter story. She reminded us that no one should have been surprised by the resurrection, the return to life, since God gave us life to begin with.

If you want to know what our work day was like today, look at yesterday. The work assignment part of our morning meeting was short. Gary just told us to go back to where we were yesterday and keep doing what we were doing yesterday. We haven’t talked to the Groom Road crew to see what was acomplished there today.

At Norwich Drive, we finished flooring another bedroom and the living room. We still have a little left in the foyer, the hall and one more bedroom. We have no pictures of of flooring being put down because it would look just like yesterday. However, since we didn’t get any pictures of Pat working on the walls yesterday, we made sure we got one today.  It was a good day.Pat mudding bathroom wall


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