More Progress

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Yesterday Jayne brought us our devotion and she reminded us to “tell the story” using Psalm 78:1-7 as the basis. She also reminded us that sometimes we tell the story with our actions not our words. Everything we do has the capacity to influence others for good or bad. Jayne also read us the poem “Sermons We See” by Edgar Guest.  It was a beautiful day very similar to Monday and we all returned to the same job sites as Monday and basically continued what we started Monday. We completed a lot more painting but not quite all. We made good progress on the kitchen cabinets but not quite complete. We will get there.

Today was another great day in Baton Rouge. It was a little cloudy and the temperatures are going up, but it’s still nice. We may have rain tomorrow but it’s not supposed to be anything like last Thursday. We are again hoping to do some Bible presentations tomorrow.

Today Sharon brought our devotion from Philippians 4:4 and spoke to us about the power of praise. We were reminded to exalt the Father in all circumstances. Sharon also shared “The Dash” by Linda Ellis. You may have read it before but it’s always a good reminder. Thanks, Sharon!

We again all headed back to the same job sites as yesterday. We got all the cabinets installed pending the electricians moving some lines for the range. The cabinets look really nice. The electricians arrived this afternoon so hopefully we can complete the kitchen sometime tomorrow. Ruth Ann completed the painting of the laundry room and Jan cut in the hall bath but we couldn’t complete the tub room because the tile man returned and grouted the tile. We also got a coat of paint on the window sills and will re-coat tomorrow. Most of the painting is done. Just a little touchup is left. We spent the rest of the morning cleaning out a lot of stuff we no longer need and cleaned the floors in preparation for the laminate flooring. We sent equipment, paint, etc that is no longer needed back to the church when Darryl delivered the laminate flooring shortly after lunch. Jayne came over from the Groom Road house and joined Sharon, Ruth Ann and Anne in starting the flooring. We got one bedroom started and will proceed tomorrow.

At Groom Rd Gary, Sharon and Jayne completed some drywall and worked in the kitchen this morning. Max went to Groom Road this afternoon to assist Gary in hanging wall cabinets. It was a busy day for all.

We are making progress but are feeling the pressure of the end of our time in Baton Rouge approaching. We would like to get these homes completed before we leave. We have to remind ourselves that God is in control and we will accomplish what he wants us to accomplish.

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