Another Week Complete, Two More To Go

Friday, April 26, 2019

Thursday was very cloudy and we had some rain in the morning but fortunately we had no storms here. Just a couple of hours north of us in Rushton, LA, there was a tornado in the early morning hours. There were at least two deaths. The director of disaster response for the conference, the person we answer to in our work, is already there assessing what the Louisiana Conference of the UMC can do to help. Please be in prayer for all the people in Rushton.

Gary brought our devotion yesterday, starting with John 14:12. He reminded us that God has an important mission for our lives. If you don’t see your purpose, you are probably looking in the wrong direction. The question is not can God use us but will we be available for Him to use? He closed by reading “Daniel’s Gloves”. If you haven’t read this, you should. Thanks, Gary! Joe brought donuts to morning devotionWe also were treated to doughnuts this morning by Joe and Jayne. Very good. Joe and Jayne had to leave after devotion because her brother flew in from Mexico for admission to the hospital in Houston with very serious heart problems. We will miss Joe and Jayne and will continue to lift them and Jayne’s brother up in prayer.

We returned to Norwich Drive with Bob, Virginia, Janice, Marvin, Sharon and Suzanne to continue working on the flooring and cabinets. Today the cabinets were completed and counter tops are to be installed Saturday. The kitchen is beginning to look like a kitchen and after Saturday it should be beautiful. We also made good progress on the flooring, completing one bedroom and closet, the huge master closet, and started in the hall and second bedroom. The plumber/tile man is almost done with the master bath so we will start finishing that drywall next week. The bedroom wall that had to be removed to install the roll-in shower hasn’t been reinstalled yet but hopefully that occurred today. Dave, Ruth Ann and Gary went back to Groom Road to work on cabinet installation and the bathroom there. They also made good progress. The cabinet install there is made considerably more difficult due to the floor not being level but it will look good when we finally get it done. We were told Thursday, the Groom Road house will be our top priority Monday and Tuesday because the home owner must be out of the FEMA mobile housing unit. FEMA is supposed to pick up the trailer Wednesday. Hopefully, with two hard days we can have a working kitchen, bath and the flooring in one bedroom. We will need lots of energy next week.


After work and showers, we all went back to Ms Pam’s house for a visit and Bible presentation. For all of you that worked on that house earlier this year, she wants you to know how much she appreciates the work you did, “even when I was cantankerous.” The house looks so good and she now has a range, and refrigerator and table in her kitchen and a working washer and dryer. She is very pleased. After our visit, we all went to Chili’s for a really good dinner and better conversation.


SupperToday, we did laundry, house cleaning and NOMADS business. Anne has been working on updating the policy manual and today Max helped with some of the reformatting. We also went to the park and had a great walk on a beautiful Friday afternoon and came back to FRED for ice cream sundaes. A great way to end the week! Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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