A Gumby Kind Of Day

Monday April 22, 2019

Break timeAnother beautiful day in Baton Rouge. Blue skies. Sunshine. Nice breeze when we were sitting outside for breaks and lunch. NICE!!

Of course we started the day with devotion, today led by Suzanne. She asked the question, do you live in the secular world or the spiritual world? And how can we bring those two worlds together? Suzanne shared that prayer brings those to worlds together. If we do everything with prayer we bring the two together. If we do everything we do – taking out the trash, caulking windows, painting, installing cabinets, looking for Jesus, our world will become the world Jesus has planned for us. Thanks, Suzanne.

We then all, all 13 of us, headed out to Norwich Dr with the plan to get a lot of painting done today. All our supplies were moved over the weekend because the tile man came in to install all the ceramic tile. We were still locating all our stuff and had begun pouring up paint when Darryl arrived. Semper Gumby!! Sharon, Gary, Jayne and Joe headed out to Baker, LA to work on another house. Regroup and redistribute tasks. Painting began. Max was caulking windows. The HVAC guys arrived. We discussed their plans for the day and it seemed we would be able to stay out of each other’s way. Back to work. Tile man arrived. He wanted us to go ahead and start installing cabinets. He had somewhere else he needed to work today and planned to return after 4:00 to grout the tile he installed over the weekend. More Semper Gumby. Now we had Max, Dave, Bob with some assistance by Marvin installing cabinets. Suzanne, Ruth Ann, Virginia, Jan were painting. Anne was going between everything and trying to be sure everyone had everything they needed. Darryl arrived. Super Semper Gumby! We loaded the trailer with all the construction debris and Max then went with him over to Ms Pam’s to assist in loading up all the debris from there. It was a crazy day but somehow productive. All three bedrooms now have the walls painted. The hall is partially painted. Cabinets are partially installed. Hopefully cabinets will be completed tomorrow. We also hope most of the paining will be done. We shall see. The four that went out to Baker also painted and prepared for cabinets. Not sure what else is to be done there.

Today was the first time either of us has been to Ms Pam’s house since it was finished. It looks great! Below are a few pictures for those who worked on it earlier this year. Look back to our blog posts starting February 25th to see what it looked like before we started.

It was a good day. Tomorrow should be another interesting and good day.

3 thoughts on “A Gumby Kind Of Day”

  1. Thanks for the pictures of Ms Pam’s house! Running water it looks like! Cindy

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