Sunday, April 21, 2019

Saturday was another beautiful but cool day. It was one of the days requiring heat in the morning and a/c in the afternoon. We relaxed in the morning and then Max and Gary went out to Norwich Dr for Gary to see the job site so he could made decisions about work for next week. Anne and Sharon went to the Mall of Louisiana shopping. Sharon has two grandchildren graduating in a few weeks and wanted some new things for the celebrations. The mall is a large, nice mall and they had a good time. Movie night in the parking lotTwo new couples arrived Saturday afternoon with our third couple not arriving until Sunday afternoon. Saturday evening we had a movie night, watching Hidden Figures on our outside TV. It’s a movie about three black women who worked at NASA during the infancy of the space program. The team members brought their chairs over, and we made popcorn for everyone. The temperature was down into the fifties before the movie was over so we were wrapped up in blankets by the end. It was fun time and a good movie.

Easter Morning Sunrise
Easter Morning Sunrise

Today of course was Easter. Most important day of the year! Francis Asbury UMC had a sunrise service at a member’s home out beside a lake. We love sunrise services. They have not done sunrise service in the past but it seemed to be well received. The neighbors were also invited and some attended. The weather was beautiful and the service good. The member has a beautiful white rabbit that also paid us a visit. She said it was taking a break from delivering eggs to visit with us for a little while. Such a pretty rabbit.


After service we all went to Piccadilly for an all you can eat breakfast. We didn’t eat much the rest of the day. Of course there was regular service at 10:30 and then we all took naps. Our last couple arrived late this afternoon and we had team meeting at 6:30. Jayne brought a praline and cream ice cream cake to share. Ok, we did eat a little more. It’s been a nice weekend. Hope yours was great too.

Full house again
Full house again

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