This Is The Day

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Today was a cloudy day threatening rain from about lunch on. We did not get rain until after we got home from work. We know there was at least one tornado in Blount County with damage in multiple areas. We have not heard of injuries yet and are praying there are none. We also have not heard of damage on Pine Mountain but we don’t know for sure.

We were accused of having too big a smile on our faces when we sang “This Is The Day” this morning at the start of devotion. This is the day we turn over leadership to our new leaders, Stel and Jodi. We didn’t think we were smiling that much.

Gary brought us a moving devotion from Mathew 25:31-46. He shared two times he was visited by angels unawares. We had good discussion. Thanks, Gary for a great devotion time.

After devotion we talked about our final work day in Baton Rouge – until next month – when we won’t be leading. This has been a hard working team. Finishing drywall is difficult work. Lots of sanding over our heads. The team was up to the task. We appreciate their work so much, and we know the homeowners do as well. We finished our week with Mark, Lisa, Cheri and Butch back at Baker Drive finishing drywall and, at the homeowner’s request) reducing the height and lengthening a half wall they installed yesterday.

The rest of the team went back to Norwich. One of the first things we did was move the huge roll-in shower down the hall and into the bedroom. Next was reinstalling the portion of the wall we had to take down yesterday in preparation of moving the shower into the bedroom. The installers have to come do some work before it gets put in the master bath. Then we resumed sanding, and mudding the ceilings and walls. Norwich is starting to come together. There is still a lot to do but it’s getting there.

Tonight we gave the keys to the church to Stel and Jodi. We will be doing the final paperwork in the morning and turning that over to them as well. It has been a great four weeks and we are sure the next eight weeks well be great as well.

Tonight we went to dinner with Laraine, the pastor responsible for missions in the LA conference. We were discussing the possibility of the LA Conference transitioning to a community outreach project with NOMADS after they close the disaster relief down the end of May. We hope this works out for them.

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