Back To Alabama, Barely

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Yesterday was a very busy day. It rained again during the night but fortunately when our team began packing to leave the rain had stopped. First out the drive today was Mark and Lisa. Mark is scheduled to return later in the project but Lisa’s daughter is expecting so plans may change. A little later Nancy and Gary started their long drive back to Georgia. We heard from both couples and Mark and Lisa made it home and Gary and Nancy were safely in the RV park for the night. It’s always hard to see our team members leave but we know we will see them down the road – hopefully soon.See you down the road

After the good byes, it was time to get ready for the NOMADS board meeting. This was Anne’s first teleconference meeting since joining the board last September so there was lots to do and learn. Things went smoothly and a lot was accomplished and we were all tired at the end of the 3 hours and 45 minutes. Harry came over and did the conference with Anne so they could work together during the meeting. Harry is secretary so he had lots of notes to make.

After a little break we went to Sammy’s Grill with Harry, Janet, Stel Jodi, Mary, and Randy for dinner. We were sorry Cheri and Butch couldn’t join us. When we got back to FRED, it was time to finish packing up and get to bed.

This morning we were up before 5:00 completing the cleaning and packing. We had FRED ready to roll by about 7:15 with Anne taking the first leg back toward Alabama. It was an uneventful drive except for a time when we drove past what we thought might be a flea market in Mississippi. Cars were everywhere including all along the side of the highway. It was a huge crowd. Then Max saw a sign. It was a chicken auction! Who knew? Never heard of a chicken auction. Car auction, cow auction, pigs. Yep. But not chickens. Anyway we made it back to Red Bay, AL (one mile inside Alabama from Mississippi) safe and sound and now will wait until Monday to find out how long it will take to get some warranty work done on FRED. So thankful for the uneventful, safe travel day. Remember to be in prayer for services tomorrow.

Red Bay is just barely in Alabama.
Red Bay is just barely in Alabama.

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