Still Split

Wednesday, March 06, 2019

The weather was a little warmer today, but the sun was out all day.

Anne O brought an Ash Wednesday devotion today from Joel 2:13. She reminded us that ash and sin stain everything and that God is imploring us to return to Him and have our stains cleaned away.

Anne O, Bob, Lisa, Mark and Janet returned to Baker Drive to continue working on finishing the drywall and repairing the wiring.

Anne A, Dave, Rita, Jean and Nancy returned to Norwich and sanded and mudded all day. Larry went there for a little while to install some corner bead. At breaks and lunch they sat outside to enjoy the sunshine.

Gary and Harry (and later joined by Larry) returned to Old River Road to finish the porches. They finished the back porch, leaving the railing off one side for the ramp. The front porch was constructed and decked and the steps completed. All it needs are the hand rails for the steps.


Max spent the morning delivering supplies and the afternoon working at Old River Road.

This evening we had a dessert supper and attended a very meaningful Ash Wednesday service with the host congregation.

Team Picture weeks 3 and 4
Team Picture weeks 3 and 4


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