Three Way Split

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Happy MardiGras! It’s a really big holiday in Baton Rouge. Everyone (except NOMADS) is off today and there are multiple parades and parties. Everything ends at midnight when Ash Wednesday begins. Our day was considerably colder. It was 32 degrees when we got up. We all had on many layers when we headed out to work today.

Nancy led us in devotion today. She shared a reading from a journal of memories and messages that she is leaving for her children to one day read. Today’s entry was her thoughts on the story of Timothy and how many of the issues faced by Timothy are the same today. She encouraged them to remember their foundation of “being raised in the church but encouraged them to rely on their own personal moments with God.” This made us think about how precious these writings will be to her children one day. It also reminded us of the devotional notes and writings of our mothers that we found after their deaths – how precious they are to us. Perhaps we should all think about doing some writing to our families? Some might should be shared now. Others saved for later.

Today after devotion, we made a three way split. We now have a third project house. It is a new mobile home to replace the home that was flooded. It has been placed on a raised berm to hopefully avoid future flooding. The homeowner is a veteran with mobility issues. He is already living in the trailer but needs a front porch and steps and a back ramp for his scooter. Right now the only entrance is by way of some stacked concrete blocks. Not very safe. Max, Larry, Harry, and Gary began construction on the back porch because the VA is suppose to be bringing a metal ramp to attach to the porch. We will also be building the front porch and steps.

While they enjoyed a little time away from drywall and getting to do a little construction, Janet, Lisa, and Anne O continued working on finishing the drywall at Baker Drive. Bob and Mark worked on sorting out strange electrical problems on the Baker trailer. Today they were able to locate the light switches for the front of the house – behind the front door, covered by insulation and dry wall. Over at Norwich, Anne A, Rita, Dave and Jean continued finishing the drywall. They got second coat on the master bedroom and bath and hall. The third bedroom was also sanded. There was a lot accomplished at all three locations. The drywall is going slower than we would like but we are trying to cover as many things as we can for the agency. It was a beautiful sunny day that we all enjoyed – even if it was cold all day.

Beautiful azalea blooming at Baker Dr
Beautiful azalea blooming at Baker Dr

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