Ash Thursday

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Today began as a rather cloudy day but we have had no rain, so far.

Rita and Dave brought our devotion today. They shared a Lenten devotion by Rev Penny Ford of Trinity UMC in Tuscaloosa. From Mathew 3, Jesus fasted 40 days – 40 days of Lent. We have ashes placed on our foreheads in the form of a cross for Ash Wednesday/Thursday, with the ashes representing our mortality and the cross forgiveness. During the time of Lent, we are encouraged to give up something to focus on God, or take on something to serve God. Thanks, Rita and Dave.

After devotion we all headed back out to our regular jobs, except for the two that had to go to the urgent care. It seems we are keeping the urgent cares in business. One of the ladies at church said “Welcome to Louisiana. It’s the Louisiana crud. We have all had it for over a month now.” Not very encouraging to us because none of us have gotten over it yet. We are all tired of being sick.

Max, Larry and Harry went back to Mr Jessie’s house to complete the front porch. They got it all completed. Mr Jessie was so happy. We presented him with the Bible from all the NOMADS. When the guys were getting ready to leave he was sitting on the front steps. He said he just wanted to sit outside and watch the cars go by. So glad we could be a small part of getting him back in a home. Now, after the VA installs the ramp, he will be able to get in and out on his scooter and up and down front steps with hand rails.


Out at Norwich, we continued to do what we have done all week. Anne, Rita, Dave and Jean sanded and applied more mud. You can really tell the improvements that are being made, but it’s still not complete. At lunch the twenty college kids arrived to load our construction debris into a trailer and help clean up our worksite. They picked up all the drywall scraps and even loaded the two cast iron tubs into the trailer. They made short work of it all. Those are some strong young women and men.


At Baker Drive, Janet, Lisa, and Anne O continued to work on drywall. Bob and Mark continued to work on electrical problems and they had to take out drywall to find some of the electrical boxes again. The ladies are never going to finish if they guys keep cutting more holes. Bob and Mark did make big progress today. They got the lights on at Baker. Good work! After leaving Norwich the college group went to Baker and cleaned up debris there, also. Before leaving there they came inside and had a prayer circle with the NOMADS for the home owner and the work. The entire team has really enjoyed getting to know these students. They have been very energizing and inspiring.


Tonight the team went back to Freddy’s for hamburgers and ice cream. So good!! We are saying goodbyes to Dave and Rita, Anne and Bob, and Jean and Larry. They have been such a joy to have as part of this wonderful team. They will be leaving tomorrow and we pray for safe travels for them all. After Freddy’s, we returned to the church for Ash Thursday services. Yes, we had Ash Wednesday services yesterday but today we had Ash Thursday service. Our college friends from Michigan were given tickets to the LSU baseball game last night so Pastor David agreed to have services for them tonight. Wonderful time with the young people tonight. They too will be leaving tomorrow so we also pray for safe travels for them. Another really good day. Now if we could just all get well.


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