Chilly Monday

featured image 3-4Monday, March 4, 2019

It was a lot colder today. The high yesterday was 75 and today the high was 49. It was mostly cloudy and tonight we had another heavy rain. Our low tonight is predicted to be 29. Average low for this date is 49. We know it’s not nearly as cold as our northern states, but it’s considerably colder than we all expected when we signed up for Baton Rouge. Oh well, we will survive.

Enjoying the Presence of GodToday Janet and Harry led our devotion time. They pulled their information from the book, “Enjoying The Presence of God” by Jan Johnson. We talked about how to integrate prayer in everything we do. Father Lawrence had four suggestions to assist in the integration. First reflect before each task. Remember you are doing it for God, no matter how simply or seemingly insignificant the task. Repeat a short prayer as you work. Reflect after you finish each task. Turn your thoughts to God as you work, keeping God in your head, much like getting a song stuck in your head. We had some good discussion during our devotion time. Probably more importantly, conversations returned to doing our work for God as we worked on each job site today. Some of us were having a little trouble finding Jesus in our drywall mud. We all eventually came around. Thanks, Harry and Janet.

We were glad Bob felt like working with us today, but today his wife Anne was too ill to work. Nancy just worked til noon because she was sick, too. We will be so glad when we are all well again. Today, Rita, Anne, Jean, Larry and Dave returned to Norwich and worked on sanding and mudding the drywall. Rita, Anne and Jean decided to attack one of the bedrooms while the guys worked on mudding corner bead. We have one bedroom we think we will call complete tomorrow after we take a look when everything is dry. It may need a little sanding. We will be excited to declare one done! We are making progress. Out at Baker Drive Bob and Mark worked to frame in some cabinets in the kitchen. Lisa, Janet and Nancy worked on finishing the sheetrock. Harry, Lisa and Gary worked on hanging the last of the drywall and and corner bead. A good part of the afternoon was spent tracing and trouble shooting the electrical wiring. It was another busy day. BTW, Max says Anne’s group didn’t do anything because there are no pictures. Yep, Anne is in trouble again. Maybe pics tomorrow.

Dinner with the "kids"
Dinner with the “kids”

The congregation of Francis Asbury UMC provided another delicious dinner for the volunteers tonight. This week we are being joined by 20 college “kids” from Grand Valley State University in Michigan. We really enjoyed the dinner and visiting with the young volunteers.

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