And Even More Drywall and Plumbing

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

We had rain again today. It is so, so, so wet here. However, we had a gorgeous afternoon with blue skies, sunshine and puffy white clouds. Of course by 5:30 it was raining again. Strange weather.

Anne O led us in devotion this morning. Bob did not join her because he is sick. The scripture today was Luke 6:36-50 and the devotion came from a devotion book Anne O’s Sunday School class uses. This one came from the 2013 book. Interesting. Max and Anne’s devotion this morning from Seedbed was from Luke 6:36-50. God really wanted us to hear this today.

After devotion we headed back to our two houses to work. Since Bob is sick, Anne O stayed with him to get him in to see a doctor. Fortunately he was seen quickly at the Oschner “urgent care” facility. They felt he received very good care. We hope he is feeling better soon. Lisa and Mark went to the Baker Drive house to work with Max and Janet and Harry. They installed some headers for the doors they need to install, completed trimming out the bay window with 33 individual pieces of drywall that were individually cut, along with some other framing and drywall work. Making progress but seems slow.


Out at Norwich the drywall finishing continued. Rita worked on some taping and mudding of vertical seams while Nancy sanded and then applied a second coat of drywall compound (mud) in one of the bedrooms. It’s looking good. When the house at Norwich was mucked out after the flood, the removal of the drywall from the walls was not done very carefully resulting in significant damage to the ceilings. Jean has been working on the mudding/repairing the damaged areas. Rita also worked on patching some of the larger damaged areas. Gary was back at installing corner bead and Dave began learning how to apply mud while they were waiting for the new tub surround to arrive. Once they got the surround they returned to work on completing the bathroom so the drywall could be installed there. Larry and Anne spent the day taping and mudding the horizontal seams where the ceiling and walls meet. They completed the large family room and the kitchen and dining room today. Again, making good progress but there is still so much to do.

We were all really tired again this afternoon so we all ordered pizza and had it delivered so no one had to cook dinner tonight. We had a fun time with the team all together for dinner. Another good day in Baton Rouge. BTW, it’s raining again.

Some of the unusual things we see at the convenience store where we go on breaks:


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