More Drywall and Plumbing

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

As predicted last night was a rainy night and today a cloudy and sometimes rainy day. We haven’t had anywhere near the rain Alabama has received but the soil here is so saturated that you just squish walking on anything but pavement.

Today’s devotion was brought by Nancy and Gary. Nancy used a devotion from the Upper Room with the scripture Isaiah 43:2. The devotion was written by someone here in Baton Rouge who lived through the August 2016 flood. He wrote about how he felt when people from all over the country sent relief items, and came personally to help. He stated that “recovery is a long slow process but God worked through strangers to help us recover.” He is still working that way today.

We all headed back to our jobs of yesterday. The group working on Baker Drive continued to sand the last of the drywall and prepare the walls for finishing. They also cut and installed the drywall around the windows. That was a bunch of small pieces. Bob also got the plumbing installed for the tub. Max, Bob, Anne O, Janet and Harry were tired and dusty when they got home today.

The group working the Norwich house installed more drywall tape and mud. And more and more and more. Tomorrow we will be doing more. However, the most important news is that Gary and Dave got the toilet installed in the hall bathroom today!! No more going to the Texaco. The team is very happy! The tub was also installed today. Our corner bead was delivered and we began installing that as well. Jean, Larry, Anne, Rita, Dave, Lisa, Mark, Nancy and Gary were tired and covered in drywall mud when they got home today.

It was showers, something to eat and bed that most interested everyone tonight.

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