End of Week Two

Thursday, February 28, 2019

NOMADS Friday! And we are all glad it is Friday for us. Today began with clouds and mild temperatures. We ended the work day with rain, put all our stuff back in the truck in the rain, and the rain continues tonight. Hope it’s good sleeping weather.

Max and Anne led devotion today and used the Seedbed Daily Text. Since today’s Seedbed and our other daily devotion both were very similar in thought and scripture, we decided that we needed to listen and use that for our discussion.

For a treat this morning, Gary and Nancy brought us a fresh hot boudin king cake. The locals say don’t ask what boudin is, but then say it is a pork and rice sausage. The king cake was very good with the pork filling and some maple syrup and bacon on top. A savory king cake vs all the sweet king cakes we have been eating. Nice. Only five more days of king cakes. They are very strict with king cakes. They are pulled from the shelf at 12:00 midnight Fat Tuesday (Mardis Gras) and won’t return until next year. No decadent king cakes during Lent. We are hoping we can go to a Mardis Gras parade tomorrow night. Please no rain!

After our king cake and devotion we headed off to work. Rita and Dave, Anne, Nancy, Larry and Jean worked at Norwich all day. We have all pretty much decided we are very thankful we never had to support ourselves finishing drywall. We are happy to do it for others but would hire it done at our house unless it was a small repair. We finished the week with all the drywall with one coat of mud and tape. One bedroom has a second coat of mud. There was a lot of great work done. It will take us at least another week, maybe more.


Max, Gary, Anne O., Lisa and Mark worked at Baker Drive. Gary installed lots of corner bead. The rest installed drywall. They are now almost complete on hanging drywall and will begin the taping and mudding Monday. There is a lot that needs second coating since we cleaned up what we inherited from another group and a smaller amount that will need first coat. The Baker Drive location is a trailer so not nearly as large as the Norwich home.


Everyone was very tired at the end of today. No dinner tonight. Everyone wanted a hot bath and rest. We will see what we can get into this weekend.

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