Day 2 – Much Like Day 1

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The rain held off until this afternoon. It was cloudy and cool all day. The rain started as just a fine mist but then we had real rain. It’s been raining intermittently this evening. The forecast for tomorrow isn’t very good. 100% chance of rain. We shall see.

Gary brought our devotion today. We missed Nancy. She threw her back/hip out yesterday and went to the chiropractor yesterday afternoon.  She is feeling a little better but wasn’t able to join us this morning. She needed to rest today. Gary used today’s reading from the Upper Room based on Psalm 46:1-5. Gary reminded us that others are watching us. They see how we react to adversity and problems. They hopefully see Christ in us. Thanks Gary for the reminder.

We all headed back to the same jobs we left yesterday afternoon. Max and the drywall crew continued to hang drywall and prep for additional drywall. They still have at least two days of work left. Also today the scope of the work was broadened. Now we will probably be doing all the drywall finishing so we will not complete that house for some time.

Crown finished in one bedroom
Crown finished in one bedroom

Anne and the rest of the team returned to the St. Amant house. They continued to install crown mold, baseboards and doors. They also continued to remove all the painters tape that has been up too long and touching up all the spots where it pulled paint from the walls. The repair on the kitchen ceiling was also begun. Today we put a skim coat on the wood to cover the knots and seams. We hope to complete our work in St. Amant this week. There are other homeowners waiting in line for assistance. It was another good day of work.

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