Making More Progress!

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Today was an on again, off again rainy day. We are again where the ground is just staying soggy. There are beautiful flowers.

Harry and Janet provided music for our devotion timeJanet and Harry led devotion this morning. Janet plays a harp and Harry joins in on the autoharp. We really appreciate the added dimension to our devotions. They used Luke 18:17-18 as the basis to talk about the song “Jesus Loves Me.” The song was first written to comfort a dying child. Sometimes we just make things so complicated. We need that child-like faith. Thanks, Harry and Janet!

We again all headed back to our usual job sites. We hope to finish the St. Amant house tomorrow. Today, Bob got the last door hung and trimmed out. All the crown molding is now in place. We have just two more pieces of base to install. Thanks, Nancy and Gary. So thankful Nancy is feeling so much better. Thanks for all you prayers. Anne, Nancy and Gary worked on the kitchen ceiling and we are very pleased with how that turned out. Anne A painted the master bath border, and removed more tape in the other bath. Anne O did a great job on a problem drywall located in the kitchen. It should be ready to paint tomorrow. We all are feeling good about this job. The family will be so glad to have their home back.

Drywall crew working in the kitchen
Drywall crew working in the kitchen

Max and the drywall team of Jean, Larry, Rita, Dave, Janet and Harry did just that. Installed lots of drywall. They have a system down now and can really work as teams to get it in place. Max worked on patching holes in the ceiling. The dining room and bathrooms are about all that is left to hang. Of course since our scope has expanded to include finishing the drywall and installing the bathtub and handicap shower we will be there a while longer. We are pleased that it is going so well.

Rita bought us a delicious king cake after work so we got together for a few minutes this evening to enjoy that and just to visit. We have a great team this week. Hard working and so very talented. Praying we finish the week strong but most importantly with no injuries.

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