End Of Week Two

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Today was another cloudy, gray day. No rain, but it’s been a while since we have seen the sun. Actually two of our home owners commented today on how they hoped the sun will be out tomorrow. Fortunately, the forecasters have changed the predictions for the weekend and we will not be having any low temperatures but will have 20-25mph winds.

Max, Anne and Rita have continued to work on the flooring at Gilberto’s home the past two days. We are making progress. We now have all the bedrooms completed. We completed the living room and hall today. It is looking good and the family is very pleased. Monday we will be working in the kitchen and things will move slowly because of all the things that require moving – refrigerator, washer, dryer, deep freezer, stove and china cabinet. The pantry will also need to be partially emptied so we can replace the flooring there. Gilberto’s wife Eva is very sick and we are anxious to complete the work so that she can have some peace and quiet. Besides, we only have four more work days in Falfurrias.


Siding installed

Diane, John, Roger and Dave went back to Josefina’s to continue working on the exterior siding and trim. We drove over there this afternoon to take a look and take some pictures. We visited with Josefina for a few minutes. The house is looking really good and she is very pleased. The peacock blue with white trim looks really good.


water cleanupWhen we returned to the church we discovered that the church was flooded. A pipe had broken and when a member was driving by this afternoon she saw water running out the front door of the sanctuary. YIKES! We quickly started helping clean things up. We rented two Rug Doctor machines to pick up water as well as using some of our personal wet/dry vacuums. Some of the church members brought some fans and Rita and Anne drove to Kingsville (over 60 miles round trip) to purchase two large fans. There were many gallons of water removed by the rug doctors and we left the fans running tonight and we will see how things are in the morning. The leak was caused by a compression fitting that failed. This was not one that the NOMADS installed but is was in the same area where we have been working. Hopefully things will dry out more over night.

We have now completed week two of this three week project. A lot has been accomplished. We still have a lot to complete. Tonight we are all very tired.

These yellow flowers are blooming everywhere
After the rain these yellow flowers are blooming everywhere. This is the view out our windshield.

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