Fish Ribs??

Friday, January 18, 2019

Daily SpecialToday was another mostly gray day. A sprinkle or two of rain was all we had. Late this afternoon there was little sunshine and we ended with a beautiful sunset. We have no idea what the sunrise was like because the fog was so thick. Besides, we slept in as did all the other NOMADS here. We are always tried on Thursday nights because we push to get things finished for the weekend, and then when we got home we all worked until about 8:30 on the flooded church. We all deserved a late wake up. Even the puppies let their masters sleep in this morning.

Fans still goingFirst thing this morning Max went in the church to check to progress of the drying. Things were definitely better but still wet. Dave decided to try to pickup some more water with the Rug Doctors but was only able to get a very small about picked up today. The rest will have to be handled by the fans. Stel talked to our church contact and they are pleased with all we did and don’t think we need to do any thing further. We suspect we may need to leave the fans on until sometime next week.

Baffin Bay SeafoodToday, as usual for Friday, we cleaned, did laundry and tried to catch up on some of the business items. This afternoon we all went to Baffin Bay Seafood for an early dinner. Of course some of us heard it as Bath N Bay the first time Stel was trying to describe the restaurant. The whole conversation got pretty funny. Baffin Bay is another place in the middle of nowhere about 32 miles east of Falfurrias. It was worth the drive. We would definitely return. One of their specialties is fried drum ribs. Sounds pretty odd to us. Dinner at Baffin Bay SeafoodPer the internet, drum is a fish similar in size, taste and texture to red snapper. Well, that is fine but ribs from a fish? Really strange. We did order a platter with grilled drum and grilled shrimp both of which were very good. Dave had the courage to order the specialty. Now none of us think it is much of a specialty. It really was ribs – small fish ribs – and not much fish attached to the rib bones. We all decided a person could never fill up on drum ribs because you burn more calories eating them than you are taking in. Fortunately, Dave had some other seafood too. Thanks team! It was a fun evening.

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