Rainy Tuesday

Tuesday, January 14, 2019

It wasn’t as cold today, but still no sun. It rained or threatened rain all day. It’s raining tonight and is predicted to rain all day tomorrow. But it is warming up a bit so that is nice – as long as you don’t look ahead to the weekend forecast.

We led devotion today using 1 John 5:14 and 1 Thessalonians 5:17 as the basis for our talk. We began talking about using the tools from our tool bag yesterday to remove base boards, completing the job and putting them away, to pull out the next time we need them. Then we talked about how if we all really admitted we often use prayer in our lives and in the church as a tool from the tool bag. When we need God to do something, when we need something in ministry, when we desire to have something accomplished, we go to the spiritual tool bag because we know prayer is what we should use. We pick up prayer, we pray the prayer, and then we put prayer back in the tool bag until we need it again. But prayer is intended to be so much more than this. So often we use prayer as a vehicle to get us to a desired destination. But what if prayer is not the vehicle that brings us to our destination but rather what if it is the destination. Prayer is not simply a step of the journey, prayer is the journey. It is a continual conversation with God. He waits for us to talk to him. He waits for us to listen to him. (Taken partially from a devotion by Brian Sutton in the YouVersion Bible app.)

Since it was a cool rainy day, work assignments changed today. Diane and John went back to Sara’s house to make a repair on her shower. It was leaking and damaging the flooring below. They think they got the leaking stopped with some cleaning and patching. demolition in church bathroomsWhen they finished there they joined Dave, and Roger back at the church to demo two small restrooms in the narthex of the sanctuary. We will be replacing the flooring, toilets and sink in these two rooms. They made great progress today. Bev and Jodi worked on clean and painting baseboards for Gilberto’s house and cleaning, staining and putting a coat of polyurethane on the beautiful old trim from the restrooms. Anne, Max and Rita went back to Gilberto’s and completed bedroom #3 and started the prep work in the living room which is also where Gilberto’s wife’s hospital bed is located. This makes installing the vinyl a little more complicated. We have to work around and move a lot of furniture and move the patient in the hospital bed from one side of the room to the other. She is a sweet lady who is on hospice and has declined over the past week. Hard situation. Hopefully we can complete their house quickly so we can be out of their way. We are working hard and making progress. Everybody stay safe and warm this week!


Key Lime Cheesecake that we made last night
The Key Lime Cheesecake that we made last night

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