Start Of Week Two

Monday, January 14, 2019

Yesterday was cloudy and chilly. Today was cold. Of course it’s not cold like a lot of you are experiencing but it sure is cold compared to Saturday. And sadly the sun did not show itself.

so, now you have to label roy and daleYesterday was church, then lunch with the team again at Strickland’s and relaxing. We did note that its sad when Strickland’s has to start putting Roy Rogers and Dale Evans name on their posters. Guess it shows how old we are.

Today we worked really hard but it was one of those days when it just didn’t seem like we were making progress. Everything seemed to take longer than expected. Stel, Max and Anne returned to Gilberto’s home and completed bedroom two – completed the flooring and re-installed the baseboards. We helped Gilberto move everything from bedroom 3 to bedroom 2 and then cleaned the room, removed the baseboards, patched the concrete, pulled up the tack strips and started installing the vinyl planks. Jodi took the baseboards back to the church to clean up and paint because of the cold. Rita, Dave, John, Diane, Bev and Roger went back to Josefina’s to work on the siding. We all came back to our RVs for lunch today to warm up.

trying out a new recipeWhen we got back to the church this afternoon we decided to make a key lime cheese cake in the Instant Pot. It is currently in the refrigerator chilling so we will have dessert when we get home tomorrow. It’s a new recipe for us. We might have to sneak a taste before bedtime. Everyone stay warm.

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