Biking the Corpus Christi Bay Trail

Saturday, January 12, 2019

It was a great day
It was a great day

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day. Hard to believe it is January 12. We could get used to this. We will definitely have to consider another winter in south Texas. Of course next year if things go as planned we will be in south Florida, and we still have to do Arizona one winter. Anyway, we know that the forecast for next week is for cooler, more seasonal weather but we enjoyed today.

We had a leisurely start to the day and then mid-morning started our drive to Corpus Christi, about 78 miles. We chose today to ride the Corpus Christi Bay Trail. The northern end begins not far from the USS Lexington and runs south to the Texas A&M CC campus. It is about 16 miles round trip but we only did 14 miles today. The northern end is all concrete trail, off street, through parks. The more south you go the more you ride in bike lanes beside the traffic. The bike lanes for the most part are fairly wide but we just really don’t like riding in traffic. The closer to campus we rode the more traffic there was around us. It was a wonderful ride beside the bay. The scenery was beautiful. The weather perfect, 76 and sunny with beautiful blue skies and blue water. We enjoyed watching the ocean going tankers coming and going. We would definitely do this ride again. We enjoyed the view and enjoyed the people watching as well. You do have to watch out for all the people on the electric scooters. There are 100’s of them along the trail that people rent using an app on their phones, ride as long as they want, and then just leave beside the trail for others to ride. We considered trying them out just for fun but we were riding our bikes today. Maybe another time.


After our ride we headed back to Falfurrias stopping along the way for dinner, Lowe’s and Walmart. It was a great day for which we are very thankful!

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