Relaxing Day

Friday, January 11, 2019

Today was a mostly cloudy day with an occasional sprinkle of rain. Never any real rain but just when we were going to get the grill out to cook lunch, we had one of about three sprinkle episodes.

Last night we decided we would walk down to Whataburger for breakfast today. Side Door CafeOn our way this morning about a block before we got there, we passed Side Door Cafe.  It was finally open. Every other time we passed it was closed. We did discover that it is only open for breakfast on Friday and Saturday. They are open for lunch most days and dinner some evenings. And we think, like most of the local restaurants in Falfurrias, they open when they don’t have something else they need to do. Culturally, things seem to be pretty laid back in this area. Anyway, since we had read a couple of good reviews on the tiny Side Door Cafe, we decided we would give it at try. So glad we did. We each had the breakfast taco which was scrambled eggs with chorizo, cheese, onions, and peppers on a flour tortilla. We ordered 2 pancakes as well but they didn’t have pancakes today. After eating our taco we were so glad they didn’t have pancakes. It was a large taco and we did not need anything else. We are glad we decided to support one of the local businesses and will probably try them for lunch or dinner while we are here.


The rest of the day was a little of this and a little of that. We did laundry, and cleaned house, got some good walking time, and some good reading time. We grilled some hot dogs and hamburgers. It was a relaxing day.

Grilling lunch

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