End Of Week One

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Today was another day about like yesterday. Cloudy in the morning with bright sunshine in the afternoon. The high was 72 and with the wind it was still quite cool. It was another beautiful day.

Today is NOMADS Friday, the last work day for this week. We all worked really hard to get things done today and then leave the homes secured for the weekend.

Max, Anne, Stel and Jodi went back to Gilberto’s and began working on Bedroom 2. We got most of the flooring down in bedroom two. It is looking good. Max finished the exterior trim on the new back door. It looks really nice. Jodi worked on the baseboards on Bedroom 2.


The family gave us a delicious box of chocolates
The family gave us a delicious box of chocolates
Diane, Rita and Bev painting siding
Diane, Rita and Bev painting siding

Back out at Josefina’s, Rita Diane and Bev started painting the final coat of paint – peacock blue. The guys continued to handle the siding and started installing the siding late this afternoon. Before installing the siding they removed the old siding and some old insulation and place some R-13 insulation into the walls. Then they install the new siding. It was a good day of good work.

Tonight some of us went to eat at the Star of Texas restaurant in downtown Falfurrias. They primarily serve Tex-Mex and steaks. We had Tex-Mex. It was good. Not as good as Munoz at home but still good. The company was of course a blast. Lots of laughter. Now, what do we want to do this weekend?

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