Assessment Day

Monday, January 07, 2019

Today we started, as usual, with our morning devotion time. Jodi read John 20:1-7 and then an essay explaining the meaning of the folded burial cloth. The bottom line is “Jesus is coming back!”

We then drove to the three houses we have been assigned and evaluated how much and what types of work each will require:

House One has some water damage in the kitchen, probably from a leaky roof.  The homeowner was not there so we were only able to check the roof.

checking roof
Checking the roof and House One

House Two needs flooring all through the house and a new back door to replace the one that has rotted out.  After lunch part of the team returned here and installed a section of gutter over the back door and started preparing the slab for new flooring.

House Three needs new siding on two sides, some windows repaired or replaced and new back steps. After lunch the rest of the team returned to this house and took measurements and came up with a materials list.

checking siding and windows
Inspecting siding and windows at House Three

It was another good, busy day.

cookies and cake for the nomads
A nice surprise of cookies and cake from a church member

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