First Sunday In Falfurrias

Sunday, January 6, 2018

warm january afternoonAnother beautiful day in Falfurrias! We had a little morning fog that burned off quickly. We had some brisk winds this afternoon, and of course with the wind comes the dust. It was another day where we needed the fireplace on in the morning and windows open by lunch and some wanted the a/c running afternoon. We sure are enjoying being able to have the windows open. Our high today was 80. We are told that this is warmer than normal for this early in January, but we sure are enjoying it.

The team went to church today at our host church, First UMC of Falfurrias. This is a beautiful old church building and a sweet multi-generational congregation. They are very welcoming. We weren’t the only visitors today because they were also welcoming back some of the “Winter Texans” that come back to this little town every winter. The service was primarily traditional with a little contemporary music at the end. Today was Epiphany Sunday, the day we recognize the wise men who came to Bethlehem to bring gifts to the Messiah. We also shared in communion today. It was a good time of worship with some new friends.

stricklands restaurantAfter worship the went to one of the local restaurants for lunch. Our server when asked told us they were known for their chicken fried steak and or chicken with their own specialty gravy that they call yellow gravy. You actually had a choice of white, yellow or brown grave but she told us the yellow was by far the best. So we took her advice and ordered the chicken fried streak. It was really good. Not so healthy, but very good.

all the team is here
All the team is here

We returned to the church and by mid afternoon our other two couples arrived. Thankful for the safe arrival of our team! first team meetingWe had our team meeting this evening with some nice desserts and started getting to know everyone. By the laughter and kidding going on tonight, this is going to be another fun three weeks. We are looking forward to starting work tomorrow. We have three homes to repair and some work we would like to get done at the church. It will be a busy three weeks. We would ask that you pray for our team’s safety and good weather since we have some siding and exterior door replacements to do.

Hope you all had a good weekend.

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