The Work Really Starts Today

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Today started as a very cloudy day and was predicted to be cloudy all day. However, by noon we had blue skies and sunshine. Another beautiful day. The high today was 80 and with a light breeze it was a great day to relax outside.

enjoying the summerlike january weather
Enjoying the summer-like January weather

However, we didn’t do much relaxing. We started the day by sharing a devotion with the team. We used 2 Timothy 2:15 as the basis. We talked about being a worker and as NOMADS workers we all had tool boxes full of tools. Then we talked about individual tools in our box and how they could apply to our faith walk. Hopefully it makes each of us think a little differently the next time we we pick up our hammer, safety glasses, pliers or level etc.

After devotion we discussed who would start work where, on our houses. Dave, Rita, Roger and Bev would work on Josefina’s house. Anne, Max, Jodi, Stel, John and Diane would work on Gilberto’s house, but first John and Dianne would go meet with the homeowner another house, Sara. John was born in Mexico and spent his first 10 years there. He remembers a lot of Spanish so since Sara speaks no English, John went there to try to discuss what needs to be done. The work there may be more than we can handle in the short time we are here. We probably can’t do the necessary work there and repair the other homes we have been assigned. We are hoping that we will be able to do some of the repairs. We don’t get to make some of these decisions so we will wait for some answers.

Dave, Bev, and Robert headed to Josefina’s to start building new front steps. Rita and Joel, a church member with a truck, went to the small local lumber company to purchase building supplies. Max and Anne went to purchase materials for Gilberto’s at the Ace Hardware and then the lumber company. We then met up with Diane, John, Stel and Jodi to begin work at Gilberto’s. When Joel had delivered materials with Rita, he came and picked up Stel and Jodi to go to Kingsville, the closest Lowe’s, to purchase the vinyl plank flooring for Gilberto’s. Kingsville is about 38 miles away. Are you tired yet?

Even with all the running from place to place to get material there was a lot accomplished today. Anne and Diane completed the prep for the vinyl flooring in the first bedroom at Gilberto’s. That was a big job because after the old tile was removed we had to scrape the remaining sticky glue off the slab. The new flooring has to float not stick to the slab. John, installed a new sink faucet and new cabinet floor to replace the cabinet floor damaged by the leaking faucet. Max installed a new sweep on the front door and started working on the new back door. John got all the base removed from the hallway, Diane began removing the vinyl flooring from the kitchen. Anne and Stel began installing the new vinyl in the first bedroom.


At Josefina’s there was demo and construction and by late afternoon all the materials Rita purchased this morning had been delivered. Rita did the demo on the back stoop. The guys built new front steps and worked on replacing broken windows. We have lots to do but we make a good start today.


(Thanks, Rita for the pictures)

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