Set Up In Falfurrias, Texas For Three Weeks

Saturday, January 5, 2018

foggy start to the day
Foggy Start to the Day

It was a gorgeous day! We have had so many gray rainy days, today was greatly appreciated. It started cool, requiring a jacket, with fog. But the fog lifted quickly with sunrise and there were blue, sunny skies the rest of the day.

We were up and ready to leave Edna by 7:00. Our hostess even brought us cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Such nice people. It was a great overnight stay. If we had more time we would love to have stayed longer and explored the area a little. Maybe when we are headed back to Houston.

The drive today was uneventful. We changed our route based on information our leaders sent us regarding construction on our planned route. They reported long stretches of cattle chutes. We elected another route. We had enough construction and cattle chutes yesterday.  Along the way we saw lots of hawks, buzzards and even a pair of Crested Caracaras beside the road.  Of course, since the speed limit on most of the roads is a crazy 75 mph we couldn’t get pictures for fear of getting run over.

After getting Fred parked and set up at First United Methodist Church, Falfurrias, we had some time to relax and visit with Jodi and Stel. Shortly, Rita and Dave arrived. It was wonderful to see the four of them again. We will have two more RVs arrive tomorrow with NOMADS we haven’t met yet. It’s always fun to meet and make friends with new NOMADS. We also walked around town a little and just happened to find the Dairy Queen. Of course we had to support the local economy with a purchase.

This afternoon we also met the pastor and the finance chairperson. We talked a while and they shared information about the area. Falfurrias is located in Brooks county Texas, about 75 miles south west of Corpus Christi, TX and 70 miles north of the Rio Grand river, the Mexican border. Brooks county is the second poorest county in Texas. It is a very rural area with the closest Walmart 36 miles away in Kingston and the same for an Urgent Care. To get to a real hospital you have to go to Corpus Christi. There was a time when Sam Walton was coming here hunting quail at one of the hunting camps that there was a Walmart in Falfurrias. The story goes that he wanted to go to the store to pick up a few things, and wanted a closer store. A Walmart was built for Falfurrias. After his death the store was closed. Sad for the little town.

Looking forward to the next three weeks of getting to know the people of this community and being of service as we can.

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