Ceiling Is Finished!

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Another very cool, cloudy day, with sun part of this afternoon. They are now talking about some possible mixed precipitation later this weekend, but it probably (hopefully) will stay north of us.

A sign we see every day at the church
A sign we see every day at the church

Dave and Carol led devotion time today. So glad Carol was able to be back with us today. She even worked today. Her hand is slowly improving and we are thanking God for every improvement. Carol talked about Emmanuel. God with us. God IS with us, in us. What if Joseph and Mary were all blinged out and Bethlehem had been blinged out like Hollywood? How would the world have reacted? But that’s not how God chose to enter this world. He entered through people more like us and is now with us. Dave shared a reading from Max Lucado’s book When God Whispers Your Name. So good! It was about making your way through DFW airport and ended by reminding us even though life can be hard, we can’t give up because we each have a flight home we don’t want to miss. And always remember, Emmanuel, God With Us.

We discussed where each project stands. Hoping to finish Mary and Jim’s house tomorrow. Gene and Cindy were going back out there today to install trim and do some additional painting. The vanity has to be reinstalled as well. Dave, Mary Ann and Bruce (who we were also glad felt better and returned to work today) and Carol went to Jackie’s to continue work on the final items. Carol started the cleanup phase today. They were working to get left over supplies back to the warehouse. There was also caulking to be done in the bathrooms and shower heads to install. Lots of little things.

Lee, Anne and Max left devotion and went back to the campground to check out a power problem for Lee. We wanted to be sure everything was okay because it is suppose to go down to 28 tonight. She just needed a breaker reset and now she has heat again. We told her that if she has trouble tonight we will just put her on our sofa so she doesn’t get too cold, but hopefully her problem is solved. It all worked great because when we arrive at Elsie and Bruce’s they were just eating breakfast. They had both slept late. We were very pleased with the appearance of the ceiling we textured yesterday. It was dry and ready for paint. After moving the furniture again and covering the carpet really well, Anne and Lee painted the ceiling with Max’s help keeping us in paint and light. He moved ladders and lights so we could just keep on painting. We were through in time for lunch and by the time lunch was over, the paint was dry enough to reinstall all the trim. That too was a three person job but it went smoothly. The rest of the day was spent in cleaning, vacuuming, wiping down baseboards, etc. and then moving all the furniture back into the room. There were pictures to re-hang, and all the small decorative items to be put back in place. That was more work than we anticipated. However, when we were done, Elsie and Bruce were so happy. Elsie started crying when we were getting ready to leave. She was glad to have her house back but she didn’t want us to leave. We assured her we would see her again next week. We plan to do the Bible presentation and take them some cookies next week. It has been such a treat to work at this home of two precious elderly people who just need a little help. So glad God could use us to make life a little better for them. And so glad Elsie no longer has to worry about the ceiling falling on her head while she is resting on the couch. Today was a great day!

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